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CN applies for court injunction to prevent First Nations’ rail blockades on company’s lines in Manitoba

WINNIPEG, Man.– CN has filed a legal action in the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench seeking an injunction to prevent Manitoba First Nations from illegally blocking its rail lines to protest the Canadian government’s handling of native land claims negotiations.

Several First Nations have stated publicly they are planning 24-hour rail blockades in southern Manitoba on June 29 as part of their protest.

CN has no authority to resolve First Nations’ land claims disputes with the federal government, and said rail blockades would be unsafe and unfairly harm CN, its customers and their employees, and the national economy.

CN communicated its concerns to various Manitoba First Nations this morning and informed them that it would respond promptly to any illegal action. CN also asked First Nations to reconsider their blockade plan and is now urging them to pursue alternative dispute-resolution mechanisms with the government to spare innocent third parties such as CN needless harm.

CN said it will do everything it can to maintain normal transportation services in the face of the planned blockades.