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ClearOrbit launches Xtended Quality Control (X.QC) suite to add manufacturing execution to ERP systems

Austin, Tex.- ClearOrbit has launched its new Xtended Quality Control (X.QC) solution. X.QC enables manufacturers to reduce errors and improve quality by providing shop floor workers an intuitive user interface to direct assembly operations, while controlling key production devices such as programmable logic controllers, torque units, barcode scanners, and vision systems, the company says.

X.QC is tightly integrated to the manufacturer’s ERP or legacy system, reducing synchronization issues and implementation costs associated with disparate data models.

ClearOrbit also announced that automotive parts manufacturer ArvinMeritor has purchased X.QC to automate assembly line component verification within its commercial truck, trailer, and specialty original equipment manufacturing operations. ArvinMeritor selected X.QC because it offered advanced manufacturing automation capabilities directly integrated to its existing production and inventory control systems.

“We are pleased to have partnered with ArvinMeritor to launch our Xtended Quality Control solution,” said Tom Dziersk, President and CEO of ClearOrbit. “Optimizing quality is a critical concern all our customers must address to remain competitive. X.QC supports our customers’ Quality initiatives, but like all ClearOrbit products it does so in a way that leverages, not duplicates, their existing enterprise systems.”

While leveraging the manufacturer’s enterprise system, X.QC also offers:

-Optimized user interface. Displays step-by-step assembly instructions with touch screen / large format navigation.
Configurable workflow engine. Allows line engineers to easily create and modify assembly processes incorporating user input, device control, assembly instructions, data manipulation and error handling.
Real-time Alerts and Reports. Tracks quality trends and alerts supervisors to deviations and process exceptions.
Real-time Device Integration. Incorporates devices such as PLCs, Vision Systems, Temperature Sensors, LEDs, Barcode, and DC Torque units for production setup, control and monitoring.
High Availability. Ability to run in a stand-alone mode disconnected from the ERP for maximum uptime.
RFID integration. Traps RFID tag reads in the assembly process for improved efficiency.

A common business issue occurs in complex manufacturing environments where errors can exist even if a part physically fits within an assembly. With on-screen instructions, device integration, and RF scanning, X.QC immediately alerts workers if they have selected an inappropriate part. In addition to on-screen or LED feedback, barcode labels are printed with clear “Pass/Fail” labels and production data, ensuring that parts are handled correctly based on quality results, says the company.