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CITT updates public list of current professional logistics experts

TORONTO, Ont.–The CITT List of Current CCLPs, CITT’s definitive, up-to-date record of all professionals who hold the CITT-Certified Logistics Professional  designation, has been updated for 2017.

This annual, major update reflects all the professionals who will maintain the CCLP designation through 2017. Although CITT updates the List of Current CCLPs weekly as professionals earn the designation, this major update notably includes the removal of those who are no longer CCLP designation holders in good standing.

The CITT List of Current CCLPs can be accessed here.

“’An annual update to ‘The List’ of those who maintain their CCLP designation is important for industry, employers and businesses, and, of courses, those who hold the designation” said Catherine Viglas, CITT President & CEO. “It verifies that every professional listed has not only met the rigorous requirements to earn the designation, but also that they have stayed current in industry issues by investing in their ongoing professional development.”

“Keeping The List of Current CCLPs current also means that our entire professional SCL Talent Pool, which includes ‘The List’ remains a valuable resource for those looking to connect with industry’s top talent” Viglas added.

CITT’s professional SCL Talent Pool offers a detailed public SCL talent search, where hundreds of CCLPs have completed profiles with information such as functional background, qualifications, and experience – allowing industry to find the right job candidate, supplier or partner.

The professional SCL Talent Pool, including the List of Current CCLPs can be found here.


Julia Kuzeljevich

Julia Kuzeljevich

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