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CITT launches publicly-verifiable, online list of current professional logistics experts

TORONTO, Ont.–CITT has announced the release of its publicly-verifiable, online list of current professional logistics experts.

“Now industry can verify easily that someone’s CCLP designation is fully up-to-date and in effect in the current year. The CITT List of Current CCLPs is searchable at,” CITT announced today.

Not just anyone can call themselves a CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional).

Completing CITT’s academic program is not the same as being a full designation holder. To be eligible to hold the designation, people complete a rigorous, case-based program of study, have a minimum of ~10,000 hours of industry experience, they accept a professional code of ethics that recognizes their service for the public good AND commit to regularly invest time in their ongoing professional development. After people meet these requirements, CCLP designation holders must recommit to the business of supply chain logistics and their own competitiveness every year, said CITT.

Unlike a one-time, university degree or a college diploma, the best industry-granted professional designations require their holders to provide evidence that they’ve invested time in their ongoing professional development. This puts CITT’s CCLP designation in the ranks of other respected credentials such as the CPA, CA (Chartered Accountant), PMP (Professional Project Manager) and CHRP (Certified HR Professional), as well as trusted healthcare professionals like pharmacists and registered nurses, noted Catherine Viglas, CITT’s President.

“CCLP designation holders really work at staying relevant throughout their careers and are very proud of their commitment to the supply chain logistics sector,” says Catherine Viglas, CITT’s President. “CITT has certified thousands of logistics professionals since our inception in 1958, but only those who have maintained their CCLP designation into 2015 get to be on ‘The List’.”

Since supply chain logistics is an incredibly complex, constantly evolving field, CITT believes that their renewal requirement for continuing professional development is good for industry, companies, as well as for the pros who carry CITT’s well-respected credential.

“This new public verifiability of our current credential holders adds extra credibility to the CCLP designation and more value to our CCLPs who make the effort to keep their knowledge sharp and maintain their status year-after-year,” added Viglas.

CITT also publishes the names and pictures of newly certified CCLP designation holders on their website annually, as well as in the September/October issue of Canadian Shipper. And, since people can complete the requirements for the CCLP designation throughout the calendar year, new CCLP designation holders will be added to CITT’s new publically-searchable List of Current CCLPs every week. The 2015 List of Current CCLPs is searchable right now at People or companies can also contact CITT directly to verify a professional’s designation status, said the release.

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