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CITT launches new path to CCLP designation for experienced logistics professionals

There’s no substitute for experience.

That was the starting point for CITT in developing a new program to allow experienced professionals a quicker path to earning their CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation.

The new Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation program ( is a streamlined, new process for experienced people to become CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals— “one that doesn’t require people to go back to school just to prove they know the business,” explains Perry Lo, chair of CITT’s Board of Directors.

In the past, the only way someone could qualify was by passing CITT’s full program of courses, because, explains Lo, “before [the new program] there was no other way that CITT could reliably and consistently assess a person’s competencies if they didn’t take CITT’s courses.”

CCLP designation seekers who are confident they have mastered eight critical competency areas (see infographic) can go straight to CITT’s new Challenge Exam. Those who pass the exam will then participate in a practical interview. And both assessments can be completed from the candidates’ place of work, online and by phone, all of which can be accomplished in a matter of weeks.

“There’s a huge demand from industry for the CCLP designation. People with accumulated experience, many of them working at mid-to-senior levels in the sector, ask CITT all the time if there’s an alternative qualification process to completing courses,” says CITT president and CEO Pina Melchionna.

About the challenge of developing the new way of certifying experienced pros, CITT’s director of strategic initiatives, Chrissy Aitchison states: “CITT’s goal was to develop an accurate and reliable way to consistently assess the all critical professional competencies required for the CCLP designation. We want to certify more deserving people, but not at the risk of lowering the high bar that a professional designation from CITT represents.”

The first person to earn the CCLP designation via the new Challenge On-Ramp program found the process encouraging and CITT staff helpful throughout.

“I’d been working toward my designation from CITT for years, on and off … I jumped at the chance to take this new on-ramp,” says the publicity-shy designation holder. “It only took me a matter of weeks to complete the competency assessment process.”

Response from industry leadership has been enthusiastic.

“CITT continues to innovate and find ways to better support people who work in logistics disciplines all across the supply chain sector,” comments Bob Ballantyne, president of the Freight Management Association of Canada (FMA). “FMA appreciates and supports the disciplined approach CITT took to developing this pathway to the designation for more experienced people.

“In developing the Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation, CITT has developed a rigorous new assessment for experienced supply chain logistics professionals who already have the competencies CITT certifies, giving individuals a way to prove their competency without having to take multiple courses to do so.”

More information about the Challenge On-Ramp process, pricing and registration is available through CITT’s website. Or designation seekers can call CITT to speak with CITT’s certification advisor.


Use the Live Chat option via CITT’s website

Call:  Maria Murjani at 416-363-5696 ext. 24


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  1. Cheryl Wenzel says:

    I have been in the Logistics field for almost 30 years, it was not until I was promoted to “Logistics Manager” that I thought I should continue working towards my CCLP designation. The CITT and business courses were incredibly relevant; I was basically living and learning each and every course in “real time”. The courses allowed me to sharpen my skills such as “report writing”, “risk analysis methods” as well as becoming more in tune with the “human factor”, which was taught within the Organizational Behavior course. Overall, I gained much confidence and further knowledge through each and every CITT course. It would be a shame for others to miss out by taking the “fast track” to the CCLP designation, and I am not sure if this new method will provide the same satisfaction. I balanced a demanding job, family and life in general while I took the CITT courses, and it has made me a stronger person. I am proud to carry the designation – – – – – will those who challenge and take the quick path feel the same???

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