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CITT launches CCLP Route Finder

TORONTO, Ont.–People looking to build their expertise and credibility as supply chain logistics professionals now have a quick way to find out what it takes to become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP), CITT announced.

CITT has released an easy, web-based CCLP Route Finder that generates a personalized professional development plan based on people’s answers to two simple questions.

“Industry’s interest in CITT and the CCLP designation has exploded,” said Catherine Viglas, CITT President.  “We’re just wrapping up our biggest and most popular spring semester in CITT’s 55+ year history, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to get started with confidence and have their own personal PD plan in hand for this fall or going into next year.”

“With so many people learning from CITT, we’ve seen a wide range of incoming personal experiences and backgrounds. Yet everyone coming to CITT for our webinars, courses and the CCLP designation shares a keen desire to succeed in this business, maximize the portability of their knowledge and credentials and boost their earning potential,” added Viglas.

And even though people’s personal routes to the CCLP designation might be a little different depending on their starting point, CITT emphasized that everyone ends up at the same place-with core set of national industry standards and business knowledge, skills and abilities and a deep understanding of how to build or manage profitable, stable supply chain logistics operations.

The new CCLP Route Finder is available on CITT’s website to help people map their fastest path to the CCLP designation. Those ready to start working toward the CCLPdesignation are encouraged to register in the first course all designation holders take, Transportation Systems:

CITT’s fall semester courses start September 2. Registration closes August 31, and people are already registering for the winter semester, which starts in January.