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CITT honours academic excellence in supply chain logistics education

Toronto, ON – CITT has announced the 2017 recipients of its prestigious academic awards. The six awards are given to those who receive top marks in CITT’s specialized logistics courses, taken towards earning the CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation.

“CITT is pleased to recognize the achievements of this exceptional group of industry professionals who have proven their commitment to excelling in their field, not only by working towards their CCLP designation, but also for the effort required to earn the highest grade among their talented peers” said Catherine Viglas, CITT President & CEO. “They come from diverse businesses and levels of seniority, and we’re proud to be chosen as their source for career development and professional certification.”

One of the recipients newer to the industry is Prachi Patel, CCLP winner of the Robert A. Hains Memorial Award. Patel was drawn to supply chain logistic courses, and sought out an internship in supply chain after earning his degree in International Business Management. He started towards his CCLP designation to gain credibility as a professional in the field: “I wanted to have a designation which is recognised in the whole supply chain industry, and I found the CCLP designation is perfect for that goal. The knowledge I gained from the courses helped me to build strategies for my company, and I was able to get a significant raise after earning my designation” he said. Patel currently works as Logistics Manager at CC Global Solutions Inc.

Aristidis Koutinas, CCLP, who earned the Charles D. Edsforth Memorial Award, began the CCLP program in 2014 at the age of only 24, after getting advice on advancement in the industry. He’s already been able to make smarter decisions and present them to senior management with confidence. “In my second job we had significant problems with inventory. I was able to recommended many positive changes and reinforce my point of view with the material I had learned in my courses” he said. “I could see how what I was learning applied to my day-to-day work. It’s a fantastic program and anyone who achieves the CCLP designation should be proud.”

Other honourees are senior veterans with deep experience, who came to CITT to further build their already impressive careers.

John Gatti, CCLP, recipient of the J. Stuart Robertson Memorial Award, has been in the industry for 14 years, using his background as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to start as Finance Manager at Purolator Inc. Later, Mr. Gatti was chosen to be the Aviation Relationship Manager at Purolator’s national team to manage relationships with air customers and carriers, where, among other accomplishments, he championed the financial framework to improve the efficiency and costs of Canada Post on their network. He decided to earn his CCLP designation for insight into clients’ businesses:  “The program was challenging, however, it was well worth the time and investment required as it opens many doors and adds instant credibility to my profile” he said. “It has made a positive impact in many ways, and I have been able to apply principles from the program in my work.’ Mr. Gatti is currently pursuing his dream of acquiring or buying into a logistics business.

Jason Rose, CCLP, winner of the James T. Mackenzie Memorial Award has spent his 12 years in the industry at SLH Transport, where he started working nights while completing his Economics degree at Queen’s University. Mr. Rose’s successful management of key projects has earned him promotion to Manager of Profitability and Business Analysis. As he was seeking professional development, senior management recommended the CCLP program. “The decision to earn my CCLP designation has had a big impact at work by growing my analytical skill set, providing a foundation for critical path success and overall generating greater returns for the business. The course “Logistics Decision Modelling” has specifically assisted with project completion in more ways than I can even count.”

Michael Peck, recipient of the Charles Laferle Memorial Award, got into the industry with encouragement from his wife while he was between jobs. Now, he’s been in transportation for 13 years, having moved up through sales and freight forwarding to his current role as a Senior Logistics Coordinator in the Calgary branch of Cole International. “I have always believed that one should never be satisfied with where they are at and should always strive to improve, both personally and professionally. Working towards earning my CCLP designation is how I am striving to improve myself professionally. It has also shown my employer that I am eager to continue learning.”

Adam Pernasilici, CCLP, who earned the J. McTague Memorial Award, has been with Laser Transport, Inc for 15 years. Though he likes to say the business is in his DNA – Laser was founded by his parents in 1985 as a one-truck operation. Mr. Pernasilici started as a shop hand and is now VP Operations, where he helps the business focus on improving the driver experience and providing the highest levels of service available. As most of his learning was on-the-job, Mr. Pernasilici decided to experience the “academia of logistics” as part of a broad sustainability plan, and to bridge the “old school” customer service aspects of transportation with new technologies, strategies and business models. “My CCLP experience has been overwhelmingly positive. In the competitive and globalized economy that we live in, the integrated understanding it allows us as service providers to present true value to our clients and battle commoditization.”

The full list of award recipients is:

Charles Laferle Memorial Award

Michael Peck, Senior Logistics Coordinator, Cole International

Robert A. Hains Memorial Award

Prachi Patel, CCLP, Logistics Manager, CC Global Solutions, Inc.

Thomas J. McTague Memorial Award

Adam Pernasilici, CCLP, VP Operations, Laser Transport, Inc.

J. Stuart Robertson Memorial Award

John Gatti, CCLP

Charles D. Edsforth Memorial Award

Aristidis Koutinas, CCLP, Operations Supervisor, Stellar Roadside Assistance

James T. MacKenzie Memorial Gold Award

Jason Rose, CCLP, Senior Manager, Profitability and Business Analysis, SLH Transport Inc.


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