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CITT extends deadline to register for winter logistics courses

TORONTO, Ont.–CITT has announced that it has extended the deadline to register for winter semester logistics courses towards the CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) to accommodate registration requests CITT continued to receive after the official deadline of January 12. The deadline has been moved to Tuesday, January 19th, Online registration will be available until that time here.

CITT said that it recently streamlined many of its courses with more flexible due dates for assignments and quizzes, meaning that students who register now won’t be behind on their work.

“Our new assignment structure has been encouraging for many students who weren’t sure if they could take a course this semester until the very last minute” said Catherine Viglas, CITT President & CEO. “Knowing that they aren’t behind, even if they missed our official deadline, has given many people the confidence to start with CITT over the last week.”

“We also wanted to extend the deadline to accommodate those who want to earn their CCLP designation as quickly as possible by getting started right at the beginning of the year” Viglas continued. “We didn’t want them to miss the opportunity to be 60% of the way – or more – to completing the requirements for earning the designation by the end of 2016”.

Those interested are encouraged to register immediately online or to call (416) 363-5696 ext.0. Phone lines be open until 5pm EST – with online registration available until midnight – on January 19th.