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CITT announces newest class of CCLP designates

Toronto, ON — CITT is pleased to congratulate the 95 supply chain logistics professionals who earned their CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation between June 2016 and June 2017.

A complete list of the newly certified professionals can be found at:

“Earning the CCLP designation is a significant career milestone, and we’re proud to welcome each of these professionals into the CITT community” said Catherine Viglas, CITT President & CEO.

This year CITT also inducted 14 professionals into its “Quarter Century Club” — recognizing those who have held their designation from CITT for an uninterrupted 25 years:

  • Tina S. Burghardt, CCLP
  • Jean-Pierre Castell, CCLP
  • John F. Chipperfield, CCLP
  • Rene Collin, CCLP
  • Gary C. Hyde, CCLP
  • Pierre-Andre Loiselle, CCLP
  • Marc-Aurele Malaison, CCLP
  • Dean S. MacNamee, CCLP
  • Marjorie Passmore, CCLP
  • Wade Petrishen, CCLP
  • Shana L. Potter, CCLP
  • Martin A. Prokselj, CCLP
  • Randy W. Toy, CCLP
  • Graeme D. Wells, CCLP

They also congratulated three CCLPs who earned their designations from CITT in 1977 and have now held them them for 40 uninterrupted years:

  • Jeffrey N. Gazen, CCLP
  • Terry A. Mills, CCLP
  • Jim A. White, CCLP

A currently is of all professionals who currently hold the CCLP designation can be found at

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