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Chassis pool added to CP’s Chicago yard

Budd Lake, NJ – Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) announced the addition of a new start stop location in the Chicago Ohio Valley Consolidated Chassis Pool (COCP), located at the DNJ Intermodal Depot, situated on the Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail Bensenville property, and will allow for the pickup and drop off of bare chassis to handle volumes through CP or any other business at rails as required.

“There have been a number of closures at other facilities in the region. As part of an ongoing effort to ensure equipment availability for stakeholders and to better serve the Midwest rail connection, we have added this location to the Chicago market,” said Mike Wilson, CEO, CCM. “Rail is a critical link in the supply chain, playing an integral role in supporting inland container moves, and CCM is committed to collaborating with stakeholders to provide solutions that support the markets.”

With over 100 locations in the Chicago Ohio Valley region, CCM remains dedicated to providing quality chassis that are available when and where needed by the user community. The COCP fleet size of nearly 30,000 chassis is managed and strategically located throughout the region by CCM, on behalf its multiple contributors, at 18 start stop locations where CCM arranges M&R services and performs stock control. CP Bensenville Chassis Yard will be a grounded location in the COCP where the pool has consistently experienced service standards of over 99 per cent of trips not requiring a flip due to maintenance problems.

“CCM is well-positioned to identify and fairly balance the needs of the industry while operating the most efficient and collaborative chassis pools across the country. As the rails implement Precision Scheduled Railroading and other service initiatives, CCM will continue on focusing efforts on the efficient use and placement of assets to support growth in all regions across the country,” said Wilson.

Canadian Pacific Bensenville, IL General Yard Office.

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