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Carriers win exemption to U.S. rules on moving used cars

Ontario importers and carriers of used cars can now file for an exemption to recent U.S. rules which limited the hours during such shipments can cross the border.

In August, a Port of Buffalo directive made the importation of used vehicles into Ontario more difficult. By limiting the hours of operation for the shipment of such vehicles between the hours of 0800-1600 hours Monday to Friday. Vehicles arriving at the border before or after this window were not to be allowed to proceed across the border.

However the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) along with Rick Burns of Mackie Moving System and two representatives of the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo met with U.S. Customs regarding the matter and suggested that U.S. Customs develop an exception criteria list for when drivers cannot make the 0800-1600 window.

OTA sent the Assistant Port Director a draft exception criteria list that carriers would fill out and provide to U.S. Customs in an attempt to move a load outside of the prescribed hours.

The effort paid off as the OTA has just been notified that the recommended form in its entirety will be accepted in Buffalo, Detroit and Champlain.

A copy of the form is available by calling Lewiston officials at 282-1500 Ext. 212. The fax is 716-282-2414.

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