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Canadian Ferry Operators Association calls for investments in the ferry sector

OTTAWA, Ont.–The Canadian Ferry Operators Association is calling on the government to make investments in the ferry sector and amend the criteria of the New Building Canada Plan to allow projects that combine the transportation of goods and passengers to be eligible for funding.

Responsible for moving more than 55 million people, 19 million vehicles, and millions of tonnes of goods annually, Canada’s ferries “are a pivotal component of our infrastructure system. Nothing would benefit productivity and Canadians more than further investments in ferry infrastructure,” said the CFOA.

But the CFOA says the government’s New Building Canada Plan largely ignores the ferry sector.

The CFOA has highlighted ferry services that are essential to many Canadians, including:

  • Remote Communities. For some isolated regions, ferries are the only means for transporting goods and people and accessing emergency medical services.
  • Public Transit. Many ferries in Canada are a component of public transit systems in municipalities, bringing people to work and students to school daily.
  • Job Creation. Ferry operators employ more than 9,000 people across the country.  They plan to invest more than $1 billion to renew/upgrade their fleets over the next 5 years, creating even more jobs.




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