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Canada and Manitoba announce incentives for freight industry

Winnipeg, MB — The federal government and the province of Manitoba announced funding to improve the fuel efficiency of heavy-duty vehicles.

This funding will provide truck drivers or trucking companies with incentives for fuel‑saving devices and retrofitting on heavy-duty freight trucks. This is a practical program that supports Manitoba’s trucking sector to reduce carbon pollution, increase economic competitiveness, and save money on fuel.

The Government of Manitoba will also be matching the federal investment of $5.9 million towards the efficient trucking program. This funding is a component of Manitoba’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund allocation of up to $66.8 million.

“By investing in fuel‑saving devices and technology, we are helping people across Manitoba take action in an affordable way,” said Terry Duguid, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South. “These investments will also help create good jobs and help us build up the strong clean economy of tomorrow. By building a better today, we make sure our kids and grandkids will have a better future.”

“Making fuel efficiency improvements specific to the industry is key in helping Manitoba achieve its reduction targets in a meaningful way and enhance the competitiveness of our businesses,” said Rochelle Squires, Manitoba’s Minister of Sustainable Development. “Given Manitoba’s geographically central location, we are a natural trucking hub. Heavy-duty trucking is a significant driver of our local economy, but also a growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.”