Canadian Shipper


 Aviva offering cross-border insurance coverage


TORONTO, Ont.–Aviva Canada Inc. is offering a new cross-border insurance coverage designed to provide a simple solution for Canadian domiciled companies who also have U.S. plated vehicles.

“With the U.S. accounting for over three-quarters of Canada’s trade, and the two countries sharing the world’s largest trading relationship, a simple, widely available solution was needed for Canadian business that have U.S. domiciled exposures,” commented Joe Vachon, Executive Director, Large Commercial and National Brokers.

“Aviva’s solution will protect customers’ U.S. premises and/or operations, be delivered seamlessly and will be completed quickly because the underwriting decisions are made in Canada,” he said.

Benefits of the new product, said Aviva, include:

  • direct access to local U.S. decision-makers: Brokers and their customers will get prompt answers and streamlined service from local experts with a keen understanding of U.S. risks,
  • Customized solutions for Canadian and U.S. markets: A comprehensive program that’s tailored to fulfill the specific insurance needs of Canadian trucking companies that have operations and automobiles that are plated and registered in the U.S.,
  • Ease of doing business: Easy administrative steps in securing coverage for both Canadian and U.S. operations.
  • Reliable claims management from the company’s network of U.S. partners