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American Airlines Cargo approved for use of Envirotainer e1 and e2

FORT WORTH, Tex.–American Airlines Cargo is enhancing its temperature-control program by adding the Envirotainer e1 and e2 containers to its  healthcare shipping solutions. Effective Nov. 1, American will begin accepting both containers and is officially the first U.S. passenger carrier to receive carriage approval for the larger RAP e2 unit and offer the full suite of Envirotainer products to customers, the company said.

“American is extremely excited to have received our approvals for carriage of the Envirotainer e1 and e2 containers,” said Tom Grubb, manager of cold chain strategy at American. “Envirotainer was our original Active solutions partner at the cold chain launch of the ExpediteTC° program, and it’s fantastic to now have the full range of their products available for our customers’ temperature-controlled logistics needs. With these options, American continues enhancement of the ExpediteTC° service offerings and can provide the capabilities desired by our customers.”

The Envirotainer RKN e1 unit utilizes compressor cooling and electric heating for shipments requiring additional temperature control throughout transport. The larger RAP e2 is an actively temperature-controlled container with an insulated shell designed to provide the superior protection necessary for the global shipment of highly-sensitive healthcare products.

The e2 container can handle any desired set temperature between zero and 25 degrees Celsius for the seamless transport of potentially life-saving medicines across the globe, regardless of ambient conditions, said the release.

“Following the FAA approval of our RKN e1 and RAP e2 containers, this news from our long-standing partner American Airlines Cargo contributes to a growing Envirotainer network, increasing availability and flexibility for our customers,” said Simon Angeldorff, CEO from Envirotainer. “Envirotainer has had a focused effort for a number of years to grow our network in the Americas, to ensure our best-in-class solutions are available where they are needed.”


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