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3PL association releases 2018 Freight Visibility Report

Alexandria, Virginia — Drawn from interviews with the largest 3PLs, as well as smaller technology leaders, the 2018 Freight Visibility Report, from the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), explains in detail how and why increased freight visibility is creating significant value in today’s turbulent business landscape, and how 3PLs are answering shipper demand for more sophisticated, nuanced visibility.

“Visibility is at the forefront of what we do as third-party logistics companies,” said TIA President and CEO Robert Voltmann. “We are the supply chain’s natural technology leaders because we are closest to our customer’s freight, data, and increasingly, their real-time decisions.”

The report highlights complex issues around visibility for shippers – including understanding what kind of data they should ask for and how they should use it. Meanwhile, 3PL challenges included finding ways to guide shipper technology decisions to yield the most effective data points for their supply chain.

3PLs are investing heavily in technology to deliver business intelligence:

  • The array of delivery options that allow 3PLs to customize the data they provide to shippers has expanded.
  • Significant advances in visibility technologies have created a wide range of perceptions and expectations among shippers, including some that are inaccurate.
  • 3PLs continue to focus their technology on customers’ visibility needs amid an explosion of available data.
  • Every 3PL participating in this report underscored a commitment to providing substantial financial resources to support visibility.
  • In a dynamic market, 3PLs are capturing the opportunity to deliver business intelligence.
  • The future challenge will be to find optimal and flexible methods to sustain substantial advances already made

Click here to read the full report.

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