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The 2019 Shipper’s Choice Awards are now open

Help us set the standard for carrier performance! A few short minutes is all it takes.

The 2019 Shipper’s Choice Awards are now open, and we want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to rate your carrier’s performance, and if you choose, you can enter for a chance to win a $500 gift card.

Your feedback will not only help us set benchmarks for carrier service in each mode, it will also identify the nation’s best carriers. The results will be published in Canadian Shipper’s July 2019 issue.

Click here and take our survey today, and have your say!

Our survey provides shippers, 3PL service providers and freight forwarders across Canada with the opportunity to set benchmarks for carrier performance on eight key performance indicators (KPIs) and to rate their top carriers against those benchmarks. Aside from identifying the best carriers across all modes through this process, survey respondents also provide clear indications of the different values Canadian buyers of transportation services place on each key performance indicator based on mode as well as a comparison of how high these standards are set for each mode.

The importance survey participants place on the KPIs for each mode (based on a five-point scale) is used as a weight in calculating carrier evaluations. Survey participants then rate up to three of their main carriers in each mode (again on a five-point scale.) The final weighted score for each carrier is derived by multiplying the carrier’s average performance score by the average importance rating for each key performance indicator for that mode.

Because survey participants are first asked to rate the importance they place on each of the eight KPIs when making their carrier selections, and that data is used as a weight on their carrier evaluations, we feel that the benchmarks set are truly standards of excellence. In other words, carrier performance is judged against an ideal of what shippers expect and the areas given the most weight are the ones that matter most to buyers of transportation services. As a result, of the hundreds of carriers rated in our survey, only a very few are deemed by participants’ evaluations as providing a service so superior that it warrants a Shipper’s Choice Award


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