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DHL Express Canada launches Express Easy

TORONTO, Ont.–DHL Express Canada has launched Express Easy, a new service that brings simple, predetermined rates to international shipping.

The new service, which is being piloted at four locations in Toronto and Vancouver, gives walk-in customers access to lower prices from the standard DHL Express Worldwide service. DHL aims to have the service available across the country by April 2016, the company said.

Each box used for shipping DHL Express Easy, sold as a one-piece shipment, comes with a defined maximum weight and a simple flat rate based on a variety of DHL envelope and box sizes. Customers visiting one of the pilot locations can take advantage of Express Easy and send an international export delivery of document and non-document shipments in a more cost-effective way.

“Canadians are always looking for the best ways to send gifts to their loved ones back home,” said Andrew Williams, CEO of DHL Express Canada, “DHL is excited to be able to bring a service like this to such a globally-diverse market.”

Another great benefit of introducing Express Easy to the Canadian market is for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to take advantage of the pricing structure and help them grow internationally.

“Logistics services and expertise play a crucial role for SMEs to achieve the expansion of their business internationally,” added Williams. “This new product provides practical, flexible solutions and, is intended to support the growth of our SME customers, who represent the driving force behind Canada’s economic growth.”