Canadian Shipper

  • $15 billion airline aid bill passed in U.S.

    September 25, 2001 by Canadian Shipper

    U.S. Congress has approved a $15 billion emergency aid package for the U.S. airline industry, which includes five billion in direct compensation for losses incurred beginning on Sept. 11 and ten billion in federal loan guarantees, as well as liability

  • European airlines lobby for assistance after terrorist attacks

    September 21, 2001 by Canadian Shipper

    Many of Europe’s ailing airlines are appealing to the European Union to help them survive the impact of last week’s terrorist attacks on the United States. Airline representatives asked the EU’s Transport Commissioner Loyola de Palacio for a relaxation of

  • U.S. Postal Service may end Saturday delivery

    April 5, 2001 by Canadian Shipper

    The U.S. Postal Service, faced with projected losses, rising costs and a slowing business, says it will study cutting back to a five-day week that would eliminate its Saturday delivery. The agency will also examine cost-saving initiatives by consolidating facilities