Canadian Shipper


Shipper’s Choice Awards update announced

Canadian Transportation & Logistics has announced updates to its Shipper’s Choice Courier and Carrier Awards section.

While going through the results of our Shipper’s Choice Awards (September issue), we spotted an editorial error with the Couriers results. The error occurred while transcribing the results received from the third-party research firm employed for the project and as a result several couriers who scored above the benchmark of excellence were wrongly left off the list of winners. We greatly regret the error and are republishing the results of those companies who were left off the list.
In addition, not only did Cardinal surpass the benchmark, but as this is the 5th-consecutive year that it has done so. Cardinal is also among the coveted Carriers-of-Choice award winners.

Also, International Truckload Services has now qualified for ‘Carrier of Choice’, having received the Shipper’s Choice Award for 5-consecutive years.

Updates to the Awards can be seen in the chart accompanying the article.