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Resilinc releases new Conflict Minerals Module aiming to minimize reporting costs

MILPITAS, Ca.–Resilinc Corp. has released a new version of its Resilinc Conflict Minerals Module  focused on driving down the costs of reporting and dramatically increasing supplier participation rates across global supply chains.

Resilinc’s new release features a supplier network-based approach enabling suppliers to publish CFSI templates once and share them with many customers. Suppliers use the Resilinc platform free of charge to save time and resources, fueling their willingness to participate – and resulting in the highest completion rates and quickest time-to-compliance for their customers, the company said.

Resilinc features a fully automated outbound template generation capability for customers at the product, product family, customer’s customer or corporation level. 

The Resilinc Conflict Minerals Module next-generation features include:

• A network-based approach that enable suppliers to save time and effort by publishing their CFSI template once, then securely share it across their entire customer base simply by approving their access.

• No cost to the supplier since suppliers use the Resilinc platform at no charge.

• Extensive supplier on-boarding and training services in multiple languages and time zones to increase supplier participation rates.

• Fully automated reasonable assessment tests to quickly categorize incorrect responses and facilitate faster follow-up to improve accuracy of the final submission.

• Fully automated conflict minerals template creation from consolidated supplier responses that fast tracks outbound reporting to customers by streamlining the time required to analyze supplier inputs, the company said.