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Report unveils top 5 transportation issues expected in 2014: Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium

RALEIGH, N.C.–Shippers and carriers this year can expect to see many new trends related to transportation, as well as a continuation of several critical challenges from 2013, said a report, ‘Trends in the Transportation Industry’,  by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.

“Transportation trends tend to be a precursor of larger supply chain issues,” says Chris Ferrell, Director of Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium and author of the report.

“Shippers and carriers both need to understand the larger consequences of transportation trends and act decisively to survive in today’s evolving climate.”

The transportation industry can expect to see these new issues emerge throughout 2014:

• Shift from diesel to natural gas

• Tightening capacity

• Trucking industry consolidation

• Final mile innovation

• Same-day delivery

There are also several trends that will continue from last year, including right-shoring, dedicated fleet expansion, intermodal growth, big data, and the migration from distribution networks to fulfillment.

 Download the report to learn more about these issues as they continue to take shape.