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Port Metro Vancouver applauds support of premiers, industry on trade infrastructure

Vancouver, B.C.–Port Metro Vancouver welcomed the announcement November 7 of a renewed focus on infrastructure expansion and growth by the New West Partnership (NWP).

Partnership premiers Hon. Christy Clark (British Columbia), Hon. Jim Prentice (Alberta) and Hon. Brad Wall (Saskatchewan) met with industry leaders  to explore ways to improve the long-term efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness of Western Canada’s transportation system.

In a statement, participants agreed on a shared vision for the supply chain that serves Canada’s Pacific Gateway. That vision outlines an integrated and collaborative system that keeps pace with trade demand growth, is flexible to shifts in demand, prioritizes safety and environmental protection, and will move goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

Of particular note, Port Metro Vancouver applauded the partnership’s call for a significant federal contribution to support and enhance port access, capacity and transportation infrastructure. The improvements are much needed to respond to increased demand for Canadian goods and imports from Asia, as well as an expanding Lower Mainland population base.

“Container traffic through Canada’s Pacific Gateway is expected to more than double over the next 10 to 15 years,” said Robin Silvester, President and CEO, Port Metro Vancouver. “By planning collaboratively on a local level through initiatives like the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum and integrating it in regional initiatives such as the New West Partnership, we can ensure capacity is in place to meet that demand and support Canadian trade growth for decades to come.”

Port Metro Vancouver said it looks forward to being an active industry participant and working closely with the New West Partnership to advance these goals.