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Nova Star Cruises launches with commercial cargo service

Truck boarding, truck holding area on Nova Star vessel

PORTLAND, Me., YARMOUTH, N.S.–A brand new ferry service between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia aims to offer commercial cargo services, accommodating over 300 trucks, cars and other vehicles for the 10-hour passage, in addition to handling over 1,200 passengers. 

The Nova Star sails daily, seven days a week, leaving Portland at 9pm EST each evening, arriving Yarmouth at 8am AST…and leaves Yarmouth at 10am AST each morning, arriving Portland at 7pm. In addition to reducing road miles, saving on wear and tear to trucks and equipment, drivers are able to save on hours and get rest, said the company.

While on board, passengers enjoy a true cruise experience with 162 cabins and access to three restaurants, a theater and conference center with live entertainment, a spa, casino, art gallery, shopping and fitness center.

The company said that in terms of the benefits the service offers trucking companies, the service:

• Saves cost by reducing approximately 600 road miles per round trip between Central Canada and Halifax

• Reduces mileage, operating cost, tolls and exposure to increased fuel costs

• Saves driver hours; drivers have access to cabins for sleep and rest

• offers access to a new backhaul market in New England at higher Revenues per Mile creating opportunities and options for carriers delivering in Nova Scotia to increase margin

• Adds capacity to existing fleets so more loads can be handled with existing power counts

• offers eco-friendly attributes: reduces fuel usage, emissions, highway wear and tear.