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New truck ferry service connects Nova Scotia with Maine

YARMOUTH, N.S. — A new ferry service linking Yarmouth, N.S. and Portland, Me. is being touted as a viable option for the region’s freight truckers.

The ferry service, offered by Nova Star Cruises, has room for about 300 trucks, cars and other vehicles on-board for the 10-hour passage.

The ferry runs daily, leaving Portland at 9 p.m. EST and arriving in Yarmouth at 8 a.m. AST. It then leaves Yarmouth at 10 a.m. AST, arriving in Portland at 7 p.m.

The ferry operators say the services lessens wear and tear on trucks and allows drivers to save up their driving time and get some rest while on-board.

A cruise-type experience is offered on-board, with 162 cabins and three restaurants, as well as a spa, casino, art gallery and fitness center.

The cruise line says trucking companies save 600 road miles per round-trip between Central Canada and Halifax, when taking the ferry. It saves fuel, tolls and operating costs. It also provides access to a new backhaul market in New England at higher revenue per mile, creating new opportunities for carriers delivering in Nova Scotia, the operator claims.

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