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Clear Destination uses HERE’s truck route mapping technology

MONTREAL, Que.–Clear Destination, a provider of home delivery solutions, signed a licensing agreement with HERE to integrate its mapping data. HERE’s geolocation and geomapping technology provides road data enabling it to predict traffic jams and inform truck drivers of any other obstructions that slow down home deliveries in large urban centers, the company said.

“This ultimately means that customers will no longer have to spend most of their day waiting for a home delivery,” says Christian Lafrance, CEO of Clear Destination. “At the point of purchase, customers can choose a short 1- or 2-hour time window, knowing they won’t miss the delivery, and knowing their merchandise will arrive when they were told it would.”

This allows companies that sell or supply large items, like home furnishings and appliances, to guarantee a highly optimized delivery service, she said. The ClearD dynamic routing engine guides trucks through the fastest roads, taking into account complex variables like left-turn limitations, traffic lights, public transit lanes, truck-free zones, weight and heights restrictions on streets and bridges, ferries, and much more. These timesaving features allow truck drivers to get to customers’ homes at the promised time.

Clear Destination is currently offering its home delivery solutions with integrated HERE mapping data to the North American market.