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Canadian Maritime and Supply Chain Coalition wants full disclosure on CETA

MONTREAL, Que.–The Canadian Maritime and Supply Chain Coalition today learned that European Member States have until September 12, 2014 to make amendments to the text of the Canadian-European Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). Based on this new information, the Coalition is demanding that the Canadian Government release the full text of the agreement for review.

“The secrecy and lack of transparency by Prime Minister Harper and his Government is nothing short of contempt for the Canadian taxpayer,” said James Given, President, S.I.U. of Canada and Chair, Canadian Maritime and Supply Chain Coalition. “It’s time that they put up or get out.”

It is imperative that the CETA agreement not enter into force until it has been fully debated and consequently agreed on by Canadian Parliament and European Parliament Members. Moreover, the Coalition suggests that a referendum be held on this very important trade deal so that Canadians can have their say before this becomes law and the damage cannot be reversed.

The Canadian Maritime and Supply Chain Coalition maintains that if CETA comes to fruition it will eliminate thousands of Canadian jobs in the Maritime Trades by weakening and abolishing the Cabotage Laws. Furthermore, it will not take long before the rest of the Canadian transportation sectors are affected, including, air, road and rail.