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CP COO says onboard cameras could improve safety

TORONTO, Ont.–CP’s chief operating officer, Keith Creel, said a recent derailment of a Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. freight train in central Toronto might have been avoided if an onboard camera tracking the crew’s actions had been in effect.

Last month, two CP trains collided in a Toronto neighbourhood, spilling hundreds of litres of fuel in a heavily populated area.

Creel spoke at a luncheon at the Toronto Global Forum September 13, and told reporters that the in-cab recording technology is inexpensive, and if Canadian laws allowed it, he “would commit millions of dollars of this company’s money to make quantum leaps in safety,” Creel said.

CP’s union opposes the proposal, saying onboard cameras would invade the privacy of employees if the company is allowed to view them.

“The laws in Canada need to be changed specifically to allow us to equip locomotives with cameras so that we can see and understand exactly what crews are doing. To suggest that you can do without (the cameras) is to suggest to me that we don’t need the RCMP to make sure that we don’t speed on the highways,” Creel said.

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has been advocating for locomotive voice recorders for more than a decade. The House of Commons standing committee on transport recommended in June that onboard recorders be mandated, but access restricted to government investigators, reported the Financial Post.

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