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White paper examines and compares Cloud-based vs. on-premise solutions for small and medium sized companies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Col.–Accellos has released its latest white paper titled, Cloud WMS: Why Your Warehouse will Prosper in the Cloud. This new white paper examines the idea that companies are moving their ERPs and supply chain business applications to the Cloud at the highest rate in history and warehouse management systems (WMS) are readily available for Cloud deployment.

This white paper gives an in-depth look at the newest industry trend of moving to Cloud-based supply chain management software and compares the benefits of deploying a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution vs. an on-premise, stand-alone warehouse management solution. Included within the white paper, are examples of annual savings and key competitive advantages gained by companies that have moved to the Cloud.

Points covered in this white paper:

• Cloud vs. on-premise comparison of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over five years

• A granular look at how Cloud WMS produces a Return on Investment (ROI)

• Increased agility with performance management

• In-depth comparison of benefits between Cloud and on-premise deployment

“Cloud based WMS is becoming a compelling option for many small and medium sized warehouses,” said Chad Collins General Manager and CMO, Accellos, Inc. “Cloud WMS can simplify implementation, remove the cost of annual upgrades and reduce the requirement on a company’s internal IT staff.”

This white paper is free, and available for download at: