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Ambition releases new platform tracking and improving supply-shain employee productivity

CHATANOOGA, Tenn.–Ambition,a North American enterprise software company, has launched a fantasy football-style platform that is becoming very popular in organizations with large sales forces-particularly in the supply-chain market, the company said. 

The company, which was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, said it is seeing an especially favorable response in the logistics and transportation sales industry. Two of the company’s largest customers, Coyote Logistics and GlobalTranz Enterprises Inc., are major supply-chain players that are now utilizing the product to measure and increase employee productivity and performance.

Ambition distinguishes itself from similar products that merely track or employee performance or function as leaderboards, in that the product allows employees to compete on teams against one another each week. Ambition integrates with CRMs such as, phone systems (like Avaya or Cisco), and can also work with legacy systems or “home grown” systems by accepting regular CSV exports. The company utilizes multiple data sources to measure each employee’s productivity and then gives them a score based on performance metrics that the company can uniquely tailor.

The aim of the product is to tap into the increasing popularity of fantasy sports and workplace “gamification” to improve employee motivation. Just a few weeks after Ambition launched in Coyote Logistics (then Access America Transport), the company saw its daily outbound sales calls jump from 14,000 to 21,000, the release said. 

Ambition is already gaining popularity in the U.S. market, and is now looking to break into the expanding Canadian logistics industry. Indeed, the popularity of fantasy sports in both the U.S. and Canada is nearly identical, with 13% of U.S. citizens and 12% of Canadian citizens participating in some type of fantasy sport each year. All told, over 3.1 million people in Canada play fantasy sports, and a large chunk of that population skews toward males between the ages of 24 and 35.

Co-Founder Brian Trautschold is excited about the opportunities that exist in the Canadian logistics industry and in the country as a whole. “I’ve interacted briefly with a few Canadian sales forces in the past (in both software and logistics), which were highly competitive and innovative. That’s why I’m extremely confident that Ambition will be able to help more companies north of the border thrive in exceeding their sales goals and building culture inside their organizations.”

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