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Shippers and truckers propose eight-point plan to resolve work stoppage at Port Metro Vancouver

VANCOUVER, B.C.–Port Metro Vancouver has agreed in principle to a proposal provided by the BC Trucking Association and the shipping industry. The intent of the proposal is to address concerns raised by some truckers who have been protesting since February 26, 2014, said a port release. 

Among the recommended approaches is to extend operating hours, change how fees are charged and conduct audits of trucking companies. The proposal is now being circulated by trucking company owners throughout the owner/operator trucking community.

With the support of industry, government, law enforcement and other truckers, Port Metro Vancouver is intent on returning the port to regular operations as soon as possible.

Below is Port Metro Vancouver’s response to BCTA’s requested eight-point proposal
to remedy the current trucking sector disruption:

1. Terminals to develop recovery plans to ensure a quick return to fluidity
after the resolution of the current trucking disruption. Once a re-start date is determined, terminals will announce fluidity recovery plan two days in advance of start-up date including extended hours as

2. Extend gate hours at terminals Monday through Friday. Terminal capacity will be increased to match projected volumes (see #3).

3. Adopt industry-wide funding to support extending terminal truck gate hours. A proposal in principle for an extended hours pilot project was agreed to with terminal operators and ILWU on February 27, 2014 with details to be
finalized by March 21, 2014.

Key elements of the pilot project are:
-Shippers will choose which terminals would have extended hours
based on Port Metro Vancouver forecasts
-The Container Drayage Leadership Team (CDLT) will be the forum for
consultation on proposed schedule
– Below threshold (proposed: 60%) terminals will be entitled to
-Compensation will be tied to terminal performance during extended

4. Commitment to conduct full rate audits of all trucking companies licensed through the Port Metro Vancouver Truck Licensing System. The provincial government has agreed that all companies should be audited and the audit process should be transparent and effective. Trucking industry will be expected to help define the parameters of the audit program and contribute funding to pay for expanding the program.

5. Waiving of Terminal Gate Compliance Fee. The Terminal Gate Compliance Fee will be waived when extensive delays are
encountered at one or more terminals causing a ripple effect of missed appointments on any given day. CDLT to engage with terminals to establish definition of “extensive delays” that would qualify for the waiver by end of March 2014.

6. Terminal Gate Efficiency Fee to be paid to trucking companies impacted by terminal truck processing delays.
Port Metro Vancouver will compensate owner-operators (through their full
service operators) beginning no later than May 1, 2014.

7. Terminate the Independent Operator Permits of any owner-operators involved in harassment, intimidation, property damage or other disruptive behavior affecting the flow of traffic to and from the port. Terminate the licenses of full service operators deemed to be in noncompliance of the 2005 Memorandum of Agreement. 

-Port Metro Vancouver agrees.

8. Lift the Independent Operator Permit moratorium to offset the loss of
owner/operators whose permits have been revoked due to disruptive
behavior during work stoppage.
– Port Metro Vancouver agrees to lift the moratorium subject to an overall
assessment of demand.

Port Metro Vancouver said it is committed to working actively with law enforcement as needed to ensure the safety and ongoing operations of port facilities.