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Polaris Transportation appoints Director of Operations

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.–Polaris Transportation has named David Dickson to the newly created position of Director of Operations at their Canadian head office in Mississauga. Dickson is a recent hire at Polaris and after coming on board as terminal manager in the fall of 2015, his ability to take on a much greater role was quickly realized and the promotion much deserved, said Polaris.

Dave Cox, Executive VP and COO, said, “David Dickson has been an agent of positive change in his short time here. He possesses an uncanny ability to visualize opportunities to improve our operations. If he makes an error he acknowledges it and moves forward. He fully understands increasing performance is a delicate balance of keeping what works and adding what works better until it becomes ingrained in our everyday actions. He is well liked, respected by his people and a great addition to our management team.”

In his new position Dickson has responsibilities well beyond his former duties as terminal manager. Reporting to Dave Cox, he works closely with the company’s partner carriers, oversees their LTL dock operations and manages highway dispatch for both Canada and USA linehaul.

“I love it when a plan comes together. I’ve always been a ‘hands on’ guy and Polaris encourages initiative and innovative thinking. Re-organizing and discovering better ways of doing things is a big part of who I am. I’m fortunate to have a company that appreciates and rewards what I bring to the table,” Dickson said.

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