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Green Jobs Forum highlights “wealth of opportunities” in the sector

CALGARY, Alta.– The green economy and green jobs may be popular buzzwords; however, many Canadians don’t realize the wealth of environmental careers available across industry sectors like energy, agriculture, business and more. For those entering the workforce or advancing their careers, opportunities will be highlighted and myths dispelled at Calgary’s first-ever Green Jobs Forum at the Telus Convention Centre on Wednesday, December 3rd, said the conference organizers.

Green employment has seen a ten-fold increase over the past two decades, accounting for more than 730,000 Canadian jobs in 2013. In fact, more than 1.7 million Canadian workers spend some portion of their time on environmental activities. The environment industry is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the Canadian economy, showing little signs of slowing down and prompting increased demand for workers with environmental skills.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about greens jobs is that they only represent job growth in new or emerging industries,” says Michael Kerford, President and CEO of ECO Canada. “Our labour market research indicates that the green economy has actually had the biggest impact on existing jobs and skills. A growing number of jobs require environmental competencies, including many careers that wouldn’t be traditionally considered ‘environmental.’ This event is about debunking these myths and preparing job-seekers for all of the green job opportunities out there.”

Although a universal definition of the green economy has not been established, ECO Canada has developed a working definition using national employment data and labour market trends. Accordingly, ECO Canada defines the green economy as “the inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes involved in the production of green products and services. The green economy is an extension and expansion of existing environmental work.”

The Green Jobs Forum will give professionals the tools to continue building their careers, and for the post-secondary students and transitioning professionals looking to break into the green industry, a chance to explore career options. Featuring over 40 speaker sessions, an exhibit hall and networking opportunities, the event provides a number of opportunities to engage with industry leaders and mentors to discuss environmental best practices, labour market trends and career paths.

Over 100 business leaders, exhibitors and certified Environmental Professionals (EPs) will be speaking on employment trends and industry sectors, including energy and urban planning. 

The Green Jobs Forum is co-hosted by ECO Canada and Green Living Enterprises with the support of the Province of Alberta, Devon Energy, City of Calgary, and Canadian Natural Resources Limited. For more information and a line-up of speakers and events, visit