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SCI opens new multi-client facility in GTA

TORONTO, Ont.– SCI, a Canadian supply chain 3PL, is excited to announce the opening of a new multi-client distribution centre in Mississauga, ON. The new facility is providing brick-and-mortar retail store and e-commerce end-to-end supply chain solutions.

The new multi-client facility is servicing several retailers, including SCI’s new global apparel client that has just entered Canada with two flagship stores opening in Toronto. SCI has executed this retailer’s supply chain implementation in only two months from signing the agreement to going live, with the first outbound shipments taking place in early September. SCI will also support the clients’ e-commerce launch in 2017 to help them reach their Canadian consumers coast to coast.

In the new multi-client facility, SCI is handling its retail clients’ supply chains, which include receiving the inventory into the distribution centre, loading it to the warehouse shelves, picking and packing, and value-added services such as kitting, re-packaging, tagging, price sticking, re-labeling and barcoding, all the while ensuring real time visibility of the inventory in the facility. SCI also takes care of reverse logistics including product inspection, destruction and handling consumer returns from stores to manufacturers. Along with order fulfillment services, SCI’s transportation services are provided to the retailers to deliver merchandise from distribution centres to stores, and also transport inventory between the stores. In addition, SCI White Glove, the 3PL’s specialized high value product transportation service, transports fixtures for outfitting retailer’s stores.

“The opening of SCI’s new multi-client distribution centre is historic. It is a showcase facility that demonstrates SCI’s strategic ability to improve retailers’ business results” said Dave Mack, Vice President of Omni-Channel Retail at SCI. “The new global retail client trusts SCI with their Canadian business launch. This is a result of SCI’s commitment to be a reliable partner, exceed their clients’ expectations, and improve the end consumer experience. SCI is here to help materialize the retailer’s ambition to grow in the Canadian market”.

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