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Purolator announces 2016 send-by dates and shipping tips

TORONTO, Ont.– Purolator has released its holiday shipping schedule for packages to arrive to domestic, U.S. and international destinations by Dec. 24, 2016.

Destination Send-by date for
arrival by Dec. 24
Canada, next-day delivery (where available) Thursday, Dec. 22
United States, next-day delivery (where available) Wednesday, Dec. 21
Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany Monday, Dec. 19
Australia Monday, Dec. 19
Mexico, Caribbean, South and Central America Monday, Dec. 19
Far East, including China, Japan and Thailand Friday, Dec. 16
United States via ground delivery Wednesday, Dec. 14
Other international destinations (e.g., Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East) Monday, Dec. 12

“No one wants to miss out on getting their special holiday packages delivered when it matters most,” said Paul Merrick, Vice President of Field Operations at Purolator. “In addition to the holiday shipping schedule, customers can follow our helpful tips to make holiday packaging and shipping easy and worry-free, whether they are shipping within Canada, to the United States or to other countries around the world.”
Along with the send-by dates, Purolator offers the following holiday shipping tips:
Shipping Tips
1. Choose a reliable shipping provider that offers solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs, such as offering you the option to arrange shipping and pickups online or in person at one of the company’s locations.
2. Businesses can find ways to save money by opening an account with a shipper that offers a rewards program that puts money back in their pockets.
3. To help ensure your packages are delivered securely, follow the packaging tips and guidelines below.
4. Look for convenient evening and weekend options at shipping locations or authorized shipping agents and partners.
5. Select a shipper that publishes its holiday ship-by dates. You don’t want any surprises, and this information will go a long way toward ensuring your items arrive on time.
Packaging Tips
1. Always use new and durable shipping boxes, as used boxes lose strength over time and may not protect your item during the shipping process. New boxes can be purchased from Purolator Shipping Centres or office-supply stores.
2. Wrap all items individually using appropriate packing materials, such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts or air pillows. These materials should be at least three inches thick. Do not use newspapers, twine or tissue paper for cushioning, as they do not offer enough protection.
3. Place precious cargo, items with sharp edges or fragile items such as electronics in the centre of a box. Make sure all items fit well, and add cardboard inserts to protect the edges. If the item protrudes or seems compressed within the box, choose a larger box.
4. Use three-inch-wide plastic, pressure-sensitive tape to seal boxes, making sure all edge seams are taped. Do not seal your boxes with glue, masking tape, cellophane tape or opaque tape, as these materials lack the strength needed to keep the package intact.
5. Be sure to stick the shipping label on the largest, flattest surface of the box so that it is easily readable. When necessary, affix information to indicate that glass, liquid or a heavy-weight object is enclosed. Before sending your item, double-check the accuracy of the sender and receiver information on the shipping label.
6. Retain a copy of your package identification number (PIN) for easy tracking.

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