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The Port of Montreal and the ÉTS join forces for Intelligent Port Challenge

MONTREAL, Que.–The Montreal Port Authority and the École de technologie supérieure are behind the first edition of an award recognizing the process of bringing ideas to life, the Prix d’idéation APM.

This partnership between the MPA and the ÉTS was formed in 2016. It consisted of a challenge to the students in the summer and fall semesters of the operations and logistics engineering program at the ÉTS. As per the Prix d’idéation criteria, the MPA submitted an actual innovation problem to the students related to modelling the flow of truck traffic on Port of Montreal territory.

Two teams of students in each semester stood out by proposing innovative solutions to this problem, earning scholarships of $3,000 (1st prize) and $2,000 (2nd prize).

On January 19, an awards ceremony was held at the MPA with the award’s key proponents from the MPA and the ÉTS in attendance. Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the MPA awarded the prizes to the four winning teams and highlighted the importance of this type of partnership for the Port of Montreal.

“This challenge perfectly symbolizes the MPA’s strategic vision of the intelligent port concept. We put innovation at the heart of our business strategy, and expanding partnerships between the Port and academic circles is a key component in optimizing local knowledge for the benefit of the marine sector,” said Vachon.

“This innovative challenge made it possible to create real synergy between the MPA and the students, which was deployed in highly original brainstorming,” said André Bisson, the business development coordinator at the office of the development fund and the ÉTS network. “This success story shows that, among the many formulas proposed to the industry by the Fond de développement de l’ÉTS, there is always one that specifically meets the donor company’s requirements, and does so to their complete satisfaction.”

The Prix d’idéation awards basically consist of participating companies submitting an industrial issue or technological project to students who take an avid interest in the same line of business. They develop innovative ideas to solve the problem.

Administered by the program director at the ÉTS, Michel Rioux, Eng., Ph.D., and lecturers Alexandre Ouellet, Eng., M.Eng. and Jean-François Boulet, Eng., M.Eng., this “competition” was spread over two academic semesters. A jury evaluated the projects.

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