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DHL launches ‘disruptive’ road freight e-platform for LTL in Europe

BONN, Ger.–DHL has launched a new digital logistics service it says will “disrupt the traditional road freight business” in Europe.

Called Cillox, it is a “virtual B2B marketplace” that “brings together shippers and transport providers in Europe” to help companies match their full truck load, less than truck load offerings with transport providers capacities.

DHL said it would be launched Germany-wide in January 2017 and expanded into the rest of Europe in 2018, reported Lloyd’s Loading List.

Conceived by DHL Freight, the Cillox integrator’s road freight service provider in Europe, has been testing during the pilot phase and 250 firms have signed up for the trials.

Transport companies and carriers would both benefit from the new business model.

Shippers using Cillox will no longer need to deal with challenges such as lengthy price inquiries and comparisons or unreliable providers, according to DHL.

“Instead they will have end-to-end control of their shipment processes within a single platform and can pay, manage and track their shipments using a dashboard,” said DHL.