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CITT webinar to discuss food safety audit and certification

TORONTO, Ont.–CITT is holding a webinar June 29 from 12-1 p.m. on “Prepping for your Food Safety Audit and Certification”

The presenter, Paul Kurrat, CCLP, is Director of Operations, Global Distribution and Warehousing.


Register for the webinar here.

Operating a food-safe supply chain is increasingly expected of anyone that handles, distributes, and sells food.  Many businesses are facing mandatory food grade certification from regulation or from their customers – and certification could soon be the new standard of doing business. However, becoming food grade certified can be complex and difficult to prepare for. Kurrat aims to help webinar attendees understand how your business can become food grade certified.

The webinar will also address:


  • The resources required to enter into the food safety audit process
  • How to begin the certification process
  • What to expect in the audit
  • The business advantages of certification
  • And more – plus a Q&A with the speaker

Kurrat has been in the field of logistics for over thirty years in roles that included aircraft manufacture, road transport sales and marketing, and managing warehousing and distribution in consumer products. He has been with Global since 1994. Kurrat has been a facilitator for the CITT for twenty one years both in-class at Sheridan College and Conestoga college, and on-line with the University of Toronto and the CITT. He has been on numerous college advisory committees, specific to supply chain management and logistics over a period of fifteen years, and continues to write courses and develop course materials in logistics.


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