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Canada’s railways video promotes free emergency response training program

OTTAWA, Ont.– Canada’s railways  released a new promotional video about TRANSCAER-the Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response initiative, on August 3. Led by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada and the Railway Association of Canada, TRANSCAER brings together chemical manufacturers, oil producers, railways and trucking and distribution companies, to inform communities about the products being transported through their area, and provide free training to emergency responders on how to handle a transportation incident involving dangerous goods.

Andy Ash, Director of Dangerous Goods for the Railway Association of Canada, appears in the new TRANSCAER video along with members of the Woolwich Fire Department, Waterloo Regional Police, and employees of Chemtura Canada.

In 2015 alone, Canada’s railways trained more than 6,300 Canadian firefighters, police, emergency medical personnel and industrial plant workers on dangerous goods handling and emergency response through TRANSCAER, said the release.