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C3 Solutions adds C3 Yard to its logistics cloud platform

MONTREAL, Que.–C3 Solutions has announced the worldwide availability of C3 Yard, the newest component of its SaaS logistics optimization product suite – C3 Hub.

The new C3 Yard functionality resides on the SaaS platform – C3 Hub. C3 Yard is offered in conjunction with C3’s best-of-breed dock appointment scheduling module (C3 Reservations).

“After sixteen years of commitment to providing enterprise yard management solutions, C3 has chosen to re-invest in YMS and redefine how companies manage their yards”, said Nicholas Couture, President and co-founder of C3 Solutions.

“We have leveraged our wealth of experience and used it to deliver a comprehensive yard management solution that is extremely flexible, highly configurable and cost effective for all sizes of operation,” he said.



The C3 Yard main benefits, according to the company, are:

  • Gain visibility – Of trailers in the yard and trailers en route to the yard.
  • Increase gate throughput – streamline driver check-in with our intuitive gate management screen that supports pre-arrival details and integration to in-cab systems.
  • Drastically reduce detention costs – monitor trailer dwell time and automatically notify carriers as trailers become available.
  • Optimize task assignment and the use of resources – Maximize the efficiency of yard trucks drivers and reduce number of required yard truck drivers.
  • Maximize investment in WMS, TMS and ERP systems – C3 Yard can be integrated to communicate with other supply chain systems
  • Exceed customer service levels – C3 Yard