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Wondering how to ask for a raise? How to move up the corporate ladder? How to manage difficulties or difficult people, provide strong leadership or work effectively under pressure? Perhaps you’re in charge of a team that is not working as well as it should; you want to empower team members but you’re not sure how?
Finding answers to such challenging questions will define your supply chain career – if only the answers were easy to find. While some people appear able to soar past such challenges with ease, for most of us such questions pose significant obstacles to our growth and success. But what if you had a secret advantage? What if you had a sounding board for your concerns and access to advice based on the experiences of many who have shared the same challenges you are facing right now. What if you had a coach in your corner?
That is exactly what I’m looking to provide with The Coaching Corner. I want to introduce you to the insights gained and the breakthroughs made possible through professional coaching. With each issue, The Coaching Corner will focus on the challenges most relevant to you, answer your questions and guide you towards the breakthroughs you are looking to make in your career.
I will be your host at The Coaching Corner. Through an extensive career in business and human resources, I have focused my specialties in the areas of leadership, change management, conflict resolution, business development, human resources, corporate coaching and communications. You may recognize me from my blogs on Canadian Shipper. It is the requests for feedback and follow up questions to my blogs which formed the initial inspiration for this column. After all, knowledge should be shared.
Depending on the nature of the questions, I will also be reaching out to a roster of experts ranging from business mentors, lawyers, accountants to mindfulness coaches, human resources professionals, and marketing experts.
With each issue of Canadian Shipper I will respond to questions submitted confidentially via email to giving two professional perspectives to the same issue. To get things started, let’s touch on what leadership and professional coaching is all about. Here are some of the top questions I often get asked:

Q | What is coaching and
why is it relevant in the
business world?

C | Business coaching is about employee development and performance. But more specifically, it’s about building a solid relationship and working with an individual to achieve positive results. The coach helps others learn from their experiences and motivates them to maximize their performance. Coaching gives the opportunity for an independent unbiased perspective. A great coach knows how to influence others by providing positive and courageous feedback and guidance.

Q | Who needs coaching and how does it work?

C | Nobody needs coaching! However, those who wish to succeed WANT coaching. No different than an athlete, an actor, or a public speaker, anybody who wishes to bring their goals into action and improve their performance seeks out the help from someone with knowledge in training and development.

Q | What do you like best
about coaching?

A | I love to see the transformation and the “aha” moments when a client connects the dots or suddenly finds the missing part. There are three methods to breaking down a business challenge: one is called Fulfillment and it works on goals and aspirations. Another is Balance, and it helps people learn how to view things from different perspectives. The final one is Process, and it’s about reflecting on and understanding what is fact and what is holding us back. It is absolutely amazing to see the three methods employed together and the amazing breakthroughs people can experience.

Q | Have you ever seen
coaching not work?

A | Yes and no. In my opinion, it always brings about clarity, if nothing else. Coaching is about action, it is about achievement. And, as with any type of growth and development, there is practice, work and accountability. Sometimes clients are not ready to begin to actually do what it takes. In such cases coaching helps bring clarity to them that it is not the right time or perhaps not the right goal for them.

Q | How is coaching any
different than therapy
of counselling

A | Coaching focuses on the present and the future. It is goal oriented and issue specific. Therapy and counselling go back to the past and examine the origin or roots of the challenge. There is also the possibility of it being a long-term relationship. That is not to say a good coaching relationship is not long term, in fact that is often the case. But it is addressing and achieving one agenda at a time, which is set 100% by the client.

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