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Survey of the Canadian Logistics Professional

The results from the Survey of the Canadian Logistics Professional are a window to the logistics profession, and its growing importance in overall corporate strategy. Many respondents indicated that logistics is now a critical aspect of their business, and their jobs are changing to reflect the value of logistics. More than two-thirds of respondents said the number of functional areas they have responsibility for has increased within the last five years. And the majority are now in management positions, almost one-third in senior management. Indeed, the logistics profession is changing for the better.

Logisticians also perform a wide range of functions. The most common is transportation which 84 per cent of the respondents perform. Other functions mentioned by over one-half of the respondents are warehousing/ inventory control, customs, purchasing, customer service, and demand planning/forecasting.

As for compensation, the respondents to our survey are being recognized with a good salary and other forms of incentive. Over the last five years, the average salary increase has been 15.3 per cent to an average of $66,800 today.

With regard to technology, the logistics profession is changing with the times. More companies represented in the survey responses are doing business over the World Wide Web, and e-mail is becoming a critical communications tool for the logistics professional.

What follows is a breakdown of survey responses with respect to the following categories: job function; compensation and benefits; and education and professional development. In addition, responses are broken down by company size, gender, age, and business sector where interesting differences exist.

With the help of TSI Group, who specialize in recruiting and placing logistics personnel, and research consultants Gerald Bramm & Associates, who compiled and analyzed the statistical data, we are confident that the results are a true reflection of the Canadian logistics profession as we turn the page on a new millennium.

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