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  • Logistics Learning

    January 1, 2000 by p.c. pethick

    Logistics education in Canada has come a long way, but there’s still much room for improvement. Here’s an overview of various programs focusing on logistics at all levels of learning In the minds of many educators, logistics has arrived. Academic

  • Respondent Profile (January 01, 2000)

    January 1, 2000 by Canadian Shipper

    The majority of this sample was composed of males (83 per cent). The average respondent is 44 years of age and has been involved in the logistics industry for 14 years. The majority of those responding to this survey (87

  • forwarding: Eagle Snatches Two Canadian Forwarders

    January 1, 2000 by Canadian Shipper

    Eagle USA Airfreight, Inc., a U.S. domestic heavyweight air forwarder based in Houston, TX, is acquiring two Toronto-based air and sea full service forwarders: Fastair Cargo Systems and Commercial Transport International (Canada) Ltd. Combined, Fastair and CTI have eight locations

  • Nothing to fear

    January 1, 2000 by Lou Smyrlis

    For trucking executives who feared Ottawa’s search for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would result in nothing but trouble for the industry, the recently released options paper on the matter is more than a pleasant surprise. After all, the

  • Intermodal Innovation

    January 1, 2000 by ian putzger

    Canada’s railways are steaming aggressively ahead into the intermodal truck-rail marketplace, trying to capture the shipper’s fancy by marketing an alternative to congested highways and polluting trucks. While the veracity of these marketing claims are questioned by some, the strategy

  • Food for Thought (January 01, 2000)

    January 1, 2000 by paul briggs

    The years leading up to the new millennium in Canada’s grocery industry won’t soon be forgotten. Key business deals, which raised some serious concerns among consumer groups who feared excessive concentration in supermarket retail, have changed the landscape considerably. Loblaw’s

  • Logistics Job Function

    January 1, 2000 by Canadian Shipper

    The word manager in the JOB TITLES of survey respondents was overwhelmingly the most common. More than 52 per cent of respondents indicated that manager was a part of their job title; the next most popular descriptive was coordinator, which

  • News – 01-JAN-00 (January 01, 2000)

    January 1, 2000 by Canadian Shipper

    Use of Technology Percentage of respondents’ companies Type of % of all CompaniesCompaniesCompaniesCompanies Technologythat use the with less than with 100-500with 500+ technology100 employeesemployees employees Web site82718192 Intranet61416979 Electronic Data Interchange60316385 Materials Requirements Planning41244650 Enterprise Resource Planning2382335 Warehouse Management System2381839

  • Education and Professional Development

    January 1, 2000 by Canadian Shipper

    Of respondents 35 and under, more than half (51 per cent) have completed a UNIVERSITY or more advanced degree, compared to 41 per cent of respondents in the 36 to 50 age range, and 32 per cent of those 51

  • Resolutions

    January 1, 2000 by Canadian Shipper

    Each year at this time, many of us survey the landscape with respect to our personal and professional lives. It’s true, most New Year’s resolutions are personal in nature: losing weight, quitting some sort of vice, or practising one form