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Webinar – Approaching the Digital Transformation of Transportation

July 11, 2018

Webinar –
Approaching the Digital Transformation of Transportation

Dave Brajkovich, Chief Technology Officer, Polaris Transportation 

Air Date:
 July 11, 2018, 12:00-1:00 ET
Price: $75 + applicable taxes.

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The blazing fast evolution of technology is impacting every industry and supply chain, logistics, and transportation is no different. In fact, the demands of regulation and process, plus client expectations of speed, service and accountability in a competitive environment mean your industry will experience a more substantial disruption more quickly than many others.

Industry professionals are wondering how to navigate – or even start with – emerging technologies and how to experiment without sacrificing stability and good standards.

This webinar will discuss how technology companies can help collaborate with the supply chain vertical to take operations to a new level of sophistication and simplification. You’ll learn about how the entire lifecycle process can be streamlined by blockchian, and how internal tech – such as machine learning and robotic automation – can relieve common processes by adding value.

By attending this session, you’ll understand how to approach digital transformation with enthusiasm rather than with the fear of the unknown. While invaluable to those in operations and IT in supply chain, this session will also be relevant to C-suite leaders and anyone in the sector keen on understanding the changes that will be brought by investment in technology, process and people.

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Approaching the Digital Transformation of Transportation

About the facilitator:

Dave Brajkovich, Chief Technology Officer, Polaris Transportation

As a Chief Technology Officer, Dave has key accountabilities for leading and maintaining a robust technical ecosystem for the Polaris Transportation Group. The ultimate objective is to provide Polaris the foundation to be a uniquely different provider of freight services with enhanced digital product capabilities in the future. Emphasis will be placed on bleeding edge technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, AI, and Blockchain.

Mr. Brajkovich’s educational background includes a diploma in Production Engineering, followed up by specialized university programs at York University in Toronto, Darden’s School of Business at the University of Virginia and several ITIL leadership certifications. The additional courses and experience refined his skills in IT processes, management and business leadership best practices. Recent positions held include Executive Director roles with Sun Life Canada, Air Liquide and Dynacare Labs where his focus was on IT technology foundations and business application synergies.

Dave Brajkovich lives in Hockley Valley with his wife and two daughters. His additional interests include assembly and operation of drone helicopters and he is an avid motorcyclist.

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