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St. Lawrence Shipoperators Conference

October 01, 2019
1145 Union Avenue Montreal

Cybersecurity and supply chain

Digital transformation is now a current trend in the world of business and the maritime transportation sector is no exception. This shift is taking place as companies thrive to make their operations more efficient, cut costs and satisfy their customers’ ever more sophisticated demands in order to stay competitive. Whether it’s to introduce new tools to enhance visibility, analyse Big Data, store or exchange information or to implement new automation processes, this digitalization exposes companies to new risks that need to be mitigated along the supply chain in order to protect sensitive data from cyberattacks.

Targeting key decision-makers and stakeholders of the maritime industry, as well as companies’ cyber security officers, our conference aims at raising awareness among organizations about the cyber threats related to the use of these new tech tools by shedding light on different perspectives, such as prevention, crisis management, cyber governance, geopolitics and emerging technologies. In addition, the event will provide opportunities to engage discussions with cybersecurity experts with the goal to foster future collaborations.

Acknowledging the importance of the security challenges of the digital transformation is crucial not only for the stakeholders of the maritime industry, but for all players of the supply chain in order to develop their cyber resilience.

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