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WiseTech Global launches “real world” Supply Chain Education Program

SYDNEY, Aust.–A technology training program developed by WiseTech Global is set to give vocational and college-level students a head start as they prepare to enter the logistics industry. The WiseEducation Partner program provides students with real-world operational skills in the CargoWise One logistics management systems. With clients holding more than 100,000 licenses across 5,000 sites in 105 countries, and developed in response to requests from educational institutions worldwide, the WiseEducation program is the company’s latest initiative in its long-standing support of technology education for a more productive, integrated, and compliant logistics industry, said a release.

 The WiseEducation program grants partnered institutions the opportunity to incorporate the CargoWise One system as an integral part of their courses in the form of free software licenses, free certification training for teaching staff, and free access to the same comprehensive training materials developed for global logistics providers. According to Vlad Bilanovsky, WiseTech Global’s VP of partner management, “With open access to the complete product and e-learning content, teachers can use the software to emulate the ‘live’ supply chain in the classroom.” It creates a virtual logistics environment wherein several specific supply chain processes simulate every operation from origin to destination: bookings, local pickup, packing, origin export documents processing, customs clearance, unpacking, final delivery, invoicing, and costing. Throughout the program, students gain practical working knowledge of the industry’s documentation, reporting, and compliance requirements.