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Supply Chain Links project updates announced by CSCSC

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council has announced updates to its Supply Chain Links Project.

Through Part 1 of the project, the Council is developing 15 new occupational standards for occupations in transportation or related to Canada’s gateways and trade corridors. 

The occupations have now been selected; and standards will be written for the following roles:

1. Airport Ramp Attendant

2. Airport Ramp Service Supervisor

3. Delivery and Courier Services Driver

4. Emergency Preparedness Manager

5. Expediter

6. Logistics Analyst

7. Logistics Engineer

8. Rate Clerk

9. Regulatory/Compliance Manager

10. Security and Safety Manager

11. Security Risk Management Specialist

12. Security Screening Guard

13. Ship Loader Operator

14. Ship Loader Supervisor

15. Terminal Manager

To stay informed about and involved in the project, you can participate in the CSA Communities page for the project. To do so, register at After logging in, go to the Supply Chain Occupational Standards Development page, then “Join” and “Follow.”

PART 2: Connector Skills-Matching Tool: 

By late September, questions for the Council’s Connector online skills-assessment tool will be ready for stakeholder review. The Council is seeking feedback on the questions from focus groups in Saskatoon (Sept. 26), Winnipeg (Sept. 29), Vancouver (Oct. 17) and Calgary (Oct. 24). The breakfast sessions will run from 7:30 to 11:45 am.

Contributors in the focus groups will be helping to shape a tool that could play a significant role in the future recruitment and skill-development efforts of the sector’s employers, including their own.

To participate in one of these focus groups, contact Divona Herzog, Essential Skills Group Inc., at or 403-254-1672.

Recognizing the value of the assessment tool for the sector, CITT, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) are working with the Council to draw participants to the focus groups. To do so, both CITT and SCMA are offering points to their members who contribute. (CIFFA is currently revising its certification program and cannot offer professional-development credits at this time.)

By participating in one of the Council’s focus groups for this project:

• CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and articling participants gain 5 certification maintenance units.(Required to accumulate 50 CMUs over a two-year cycle.)

• Supply Chain Management Professionals (SCMPs) gain 2 continuous professional development (CPD) credits. (Required to achieve 30 credits of CPD within a three-year period.) Further, any SCMPs that are part of the team writing the questions for the tool will be credited with 15 CPD points.

Learn more about the Supply Chain Links project at