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CWB announces construction of 3rd high throughput facility in Pasqua, Saskatchewan

WINNIPEG, Man.– CWB has announced both the construction of its third state-of-the-art grain elevator located near Pasqua, Saskatchewan and its first major hiring initiative since the beginning of the new grain-marketing era on August 1, 2012.

Situated approximately 10 km east of Moose Jaw on Highway 39, CWB’s newest elevator will feature 42,000 metric tonnes (mT) of storage and is scheduled to open in January 2016.

“Today’s Pasqua announcement has once again strategically expanded CWB’s footprint on the Prairies,” said CWB president and CEO Ian White.

“Pasqua’s central location and easy road access combined with CWB’s friendly customer service will make it a great option for local farmers. It’s also a prime location for CWB, right in the middle of a high production area and with the ability to ship grain both East and West as well as to the South.”

Elevator construction will begin near the town of Pasqua in the fall of 2014, adjacent to the CP line. The elevator will feature a car-loading rate of up to 1600 mT per hour, a 134-car loop track and cleaning facilities.

CWB’s expanding country asset network now includes three elevator construction projects including Pasqua and Colonsay, Saskatchewan and Bloom, Manitoba, and CWB has begun the hiring process for these facilities as well as for other elevator locations yet to be announced.

“CWB is on an exciting path of growth, and now it’s time to further expand our staffing on the grain handling side to accommodate our growth trajectory,” said CWB president and CEO Ian White. “We think these opportunities will appeal to anyone who appreciates the innovative culture and opportunities for growth that come along with working for a rapidly-growing company,” he said.