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Colombia good export destination prospect for Canadian companies, says freight forwarder

Toronto, ON–Colombia is becoming a growing ally with Canada in trade partnering and business expansions, with such companies as McCain Foods, Red Eagle Mining and Mansour Mining having embraced the country for the value Colombia has as an export partner, said a release.

There are plenty of exporting opportunities for Canadian firms in Colombia in the agriculture and infrastructure sectors, building products and related services, mining, oil and gas, food and beverages. Canada’s expertise in the power sector, clean technologies and cost-effective supply for the oil and gas sector are creating greater trade opportunities for Columbia and Canada. 

The Canada – Colombia Free Trade Agreement that came into force on August 15, 2011 has fuelled the increase that is expected to continue into the next few years across all sectors. This agreement lowers the barriers to trade and provides expanded opportunities for Canadian exporters and investors and allows Canadian businesses to increase their export potential into non-traditional markets.

 “Colombia is a market for Canadian companies to keep their eyes on,” says Maria Misurka of freight forwarder Sea Cargo Air Cargo Logistics (SCACLI). “It is still a little slow in doing things such as giving out permits, with some challenges in shipping and security concerns, but the country is turning around and can become a great place for a Canadian business to expand,” continues Misurka .

“SCACLI clients have experienced smooth shipping primarily because SCACLI has been shipping to Columbia and Latin America for years and our team has developed a good relationship and understanding of the processes there. Colombia is a country of the future,” says Misurka, “and with the Free Trade Agreement in place, the country is realizing its long-term growth potential.”