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Accellos announces integration between Prophesy Dispatch and MacroPoint

COLORADO SPRINGS, Col.–Accellos announced at the Transportation Intermediaries Association Conference new integration between their Prophesy Dispatch TMS product and MacroPoint, a service which provides location tracking for brokered loads.

The integrated solution provides Transportation Brokers with a way to automatically track loads including arrival, departure from stops and GPS position updates. The “seamless interface” with Prophesy Dispatch “automatically passes load info to the MacroPoint site to eliminate the need for re-entry”, the release said.

The system then automatically brings load data back into Prophesy Dispatch including arrival, departure and GPS position data. Check calls are automatically created in dispatch and load ETA’s are automatically updated. The actual route the driver is taking can also be mapped in the Prophesy Dispatch software.

“We are pleased to announce this powerful capability for our brokerage users, said Prophesy Sr. Vice President and General Manager William Ashburn. “The unique technology provided by MacroPoint allows brokers complete visibility of the loads they have contracted out, providing both real-time accuracy and the ability to address issues as they occur,” he added.

“MacroPoint is excited to have our full set of features so tightly integrated to the Prophesy platform and together, provide brokers the level of visibility and information that their customers are now expecting”, said Bennett Adelson, President of MacroPoint.